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Jan 4th AM- "Yield" - Greg Steele
Jan 4th PM- Altar-Workers' Seminar - Greg Steele
Jan 11th AM- "God First" - Greg Steele
Jan 18th AM- "What Time Is It?" - Greg Steele
Jan 25th AM- "What's Right is Right" - Jerod Breakiron

Feb 1st AM- "Our Savior's Broken Body and Blood" - Greg Steele
Feb 1st PM- "Six Reasons For Foot-Washing" - Greg Steele
Feb 8th AM- "Super Abundant Life" - Greg Steele
Feb 8th PM- "I Will Not Be Defeated By A Lie" - Shane Chance
Feb 15th AM- "Get Into the Wind" - Greg Steele
Feb 22nd AM- "Destroying Spiritual ISIS" - Greg Steele

Mar 1st AM- "God's Weakness" - Jerod Breakiron
Mar 1st PM- "The Happiest Moment of Your Life" - Angel Hernandez

Apr 19th AM- "Fighting Back" - Greg Steele
Apr 19th PM- "A Sacrifice in the Twilight" - David Holland
Apr 26th AM- "Provoked to Destiny" - Jerod Breakiron

May 3rd AM- "The Power of a Cry" - Greg Steele
May 3rd PM- "Babylon Won't Dictate My Praise" - Greg Steele
May 10th AM- Mother's Day Message- Lakay Steele
May 31st AM-"Seeing the Beast" Greg Steele

June 7th AM- "Wet Blade" -Greg Steele
June 7th PM-  "Filippo & Brenda Ciulla
June 14th AM- "Heaven" Greg Steele
June 14th PM- "Breaking down Walls" Jeff S, Robert/Cara M., Phil Hiser
June 21st AM- "A Fathers Blessing" Greg Steele
June 28th AM- "Coming Home" - Tim Steele

July 6th AM` Preaching About Fire"-Greg Steele
July 12thAM` Fire pt2"-Greg Steele
July 12thPM'-"Outside These Walls Ambassador position"-Greg Steele
July 19thAM'-"Preaching about Fire pt3""-Greg Steele
July 19th PM- "What We Need Most  Is The Holy Ghost" Jarrid Younkin
July 26th AM- "Preaching About Fire Pt. 4" - Greg Steele

August 2nd AM` Don't Worry Your Just Sleeping"-Breakiron
Aug 2nd PM- Zach Bowles and Ryan Steele
Aug 9th AM- "Taste of Grace" - Greg Steele
Aug 9th PM- "Outside These Walls: Our 1st Stop" - Greg Steele
Aug 16th AM "Resist" - Greg Steele
Aug 16th PM "Outside These Wall, Series PT3" -Greg Steele
Aug 23rd AM "Child Birth" -Greg Steele
Aug 23rd PM "The Power of the Kingdom within you/
Walking in the power of the Kingdom"-Matt Lyman
Aug 30th AM "God's Children"- Greg Steele

Sept 6th AM "Amalek" - Jarod Breakiron
Sept 13th AM "It is Finished"
Sept  13th PM "Our Greatest Hour"

Sept 20th AM "Center Stage"-Greg Steele
Sept 20th PM "True Value"-Shane Chance
Sept 27th AM "I'm Coming Home" Jarod Breakiron

Oct 4th AM "Get me out of here"-Greg Steele
Oct 11th AM "There is room at the table for you"- Shane Chance"-
Oct 18th AM " Unlimited Possibilities" - Greg Steele
Oct 18th PM " Alpha and Omega" - Dr. Fred Childs
Oct 25thAM " God's Severance Package"-Greg Steele

Nov 1st AM "A Miracle in the House"-Justin Leyva

Nov 8th AM "A mind made up to come home"-Angel H.
Nov 8th PM "It's Time to Break the Law"-Greg Steele
Nov 15thAM -Worship Breakout
Nov 15thPM
"Dissolvers of Doubt:- Dr. Fred Childs
Nov 22nd AM "Step Into It" -Greg Steele
Nov 29th AM "Two Peas in a Pod"-Greg Steele

Dec6th AM "The Third Thief on the Cross"-Stephen Drury
Dec 6th PM "Overwhelm the Enemy"-Greg Steele
Dec 13th AM "Four B's "`Greg Steele
Dec13th PM "_ " Jarod Breakiron
Dec 20th AM "Complexity in Destiny"-Greg Steele
Dec 27th AM "The Last Hallelujah of 2015"-Greg Steele